Nida Lithuania

Nida Lithuania

Nida Lithuania is a town in Lithuania that have a lot of resorts. This city become a resorts town in Lithuania and also an administrative centre of Meringa minicipality. Nida Lithuania is located on the curonian spit between the Curonian Lagoon an Baltic Sea. In Nida Lithuania, there is more that 1.650 residents inside the city. When peak seasons, there are more than 300.000 tourist that come to this place and mostly they come during the summer season since there are also a beach that can become the wonderful place during the summer. Even though Nida Lithuania characterized by low key entertainment and a distinct family focus, this city also able to provide an entertainment for all the tourist who come to this city. During recent years, Nida Lithuania will provide an entertainment such as electronica music and modern art shows at the electric forest retreat. Jazz music also available in this city. Many radio station will play jazz music on their music playlist. Besides the music and the views, Nida Lithuania also provide several places that become the interest of the city. These places are usually visit by the tourist during their holiday. There are a highest sand dunes in Europe, a large sundial, fisherman’s ethnographic museum, and many other sites. If there is someone who want to build a tent in this city, Nida Lithuania also provide a campsite that can be used for those who want to built a tent. Visiting the museums and enjoy the summer at the beach can be one choice that people can do when they arrive in Nida Lithuania. Or they can just strolling around the city and enjoy the view of the city. There are many ways to go to Nida Lithuania. This city have an airport and also provide a seaport for all the tourist.

Klaipeda Lithuania

Klaipeda Lithuania Klaipeda Lithuania is a city in Lithuaniathat become the third largest city in Lithuania and also the capital city of Klaipeda Country. If people like to learn about a history of a place that they visit, people can also learn a history about Klaipeda Lithuania. This city is known as its complex history that can make people enjoy learning a history of this city. Klaipeda Lithuania have a port that known as Port of Klaipeda. Port of Klaipeda is known as one of the few ice free port in northernmost Europe and also known as the largest seaport in Lithuania. This port is available for cruise ships and also freight transport. If people want to walk around the city, people can enjoy it by using the public transportation that available in Klaipeda Lithuania. This city provide a comfortable public transport that can be enjoy by all tourist or local people in this city. All public transport in this city are using an electronic card as it’s payment method. People can buy their electronic card in shops or newspaper stand. And they can fill the card with several amount of money before they use the card. To make people easily know the history of the city, Klaipeda Lithuania provide several museum that people can visit during their holiday. Those museum have a historical buildings that can attract a lot of people to come and visit the museum. The most attractive museum is Maritime Museum. Inside this museum, there is a huge aquarium that consist of a lot of marine fauna. There also a mammals and seabirds. The aquarium inside the museum is populated with invertebrates and also freshwater fish of Lithuania. There also seals, sea lions and penguins inside the pools that provide by the exhibition. People also able to see some fossils from the prehistoric creatures in Lithuania.

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